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What precautions should be taken when selling a property in installments?

The best way to insure yourself is by not handing over possession of the property until you have been paid. There is a very convenient mechanism for the seller that...
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How can I protect myself from identity theft in real estate transactions?

The best tool is: sharpen your senses, and above all, your common sense. Unfortunately it happens that a fake ID is not detected by the controls of a notary’s office....
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How can I take care of the ownership or possession of my property?

Possession is a matter of “fact”. Therefore, the only way to take care of it is through “de facto” (actions), not through “de jure” ones (contracts or agreements). If someone...
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At what point should I receive the possession of my property?

Possession can be transferred to the buyer when the parties agree to do so. And it is reasonable that possession is passed to the buyer as soon as the buyer...
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What if I bought a foreclosed property?

You have a problem. That is why the ideal thing is that before acquiring a property, you check the situation that the property keeps. The ideal document to analyze it...
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Does a private contract gives you security to buy a property?

It does not provide sufficient security. Just protecting your property in a private purchase contract implies several risks: 1 That someone else may seize it for debts owed by your...
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